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Join us for a magical journey through the capitals of the ancient Achaemenid and Muslim Safavid Empires, and witness the development of Persian architecture throughout the millennia. 

This adventure, will take you to see some of the sites registered by UNESCO for their outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity as well as sites on the UNESCO Tentative list.

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Day 01 Shiraz

 Begin you journey in Shiraz, the city of poetry, love and gardens and the cultural capital of Iran. Discover the extravagant Qavam Mansion, Zinat ol-Molouk House, the 18th century Vakil royal district and the Eram Garden.

Day 02 Shiraz

 Have an Iranian breakfast before visiting Bishapur, the ancient city found by Shapur I the Persian king who enslaved the Roman Emperor Valerian and the massive rock reliefs of Tangeh Chogan.

Day 03 Shiraz

 Head for Isfahan and on the road visit the ruins of one the most magnificent masonry works in the world created over a period of 150 years by one of the oldest civilizations to date. Persepolis was devastated by a fire but its surviving monuments and reliefs still tell of the glory of times gone by.

Day 04 Isfahan

 Let the splendor of Naqsh-e Jahan Square and Shah and Sheikh Lutfollah Mosques, Ali Qapu Palace and Qeisarieh Bazaar leave you awestruck.

Stop for a rest in the traditional Rouzegar Café and have traditional Persian drinks and snacks or go for a carriage ride around this glorious Meydan (square).

Day 05 Isfahan

Visit the Jame Mosque of Isfahan, which is the embodiment of the aesthetic tastes of Persian rulers for over 1,000 years. See the 11 bridges of Zayandeh Rood and don’t miss Si-o-se Pol and Khaju Bridge.

There will be time to explore Jolfa, the Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, and take a tour of its old churches and cathedral. Walk through Jolfa’s maze of cobblestoned streets and the inviting cafes situated around its old churches where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

Day 06 Yazd

On the road to Yazd

 Stop in Ardakan city to see the Zoroastrian Chak Chak Temple, where the mountain is said to have parted to shelter a Sassanid princess fleeing from an invading army.

In Meybod, see the 2,000-year-old Narin Castle, which functioned as a fire temple and a fortress and visit one of the 999 caravanserais built by Safavid Shah Abbas I throughout the country. You will also have time to see the Safavid ice house and pigeon tower before arriving in Yazd.

Day 07 Yazd

See the Dowlatabad Wind Tower and Garden, the Yazd Fire Temple, Dakhme (tower of silence), Amir Chakhmaq Historical Complex, and the Jame Mosque of Yazd, which is reputed to have the tallest minarets in Iran.

Take a stroll through the historical Fahadan neighborhood and enjoy the architectural beauty of Yazd traditional homes and Sabats (vaulted alleys) before heading to Kashan.

Day 08 Kashan

End your adventure in Kashan, which locals have dubbed Pearl of Iranian Deserts.

Visit the ancient Sialk Mound (Tepe Sialk) where man first used a form of mortar in construction and where cloth weaving, spooling and casting were invented.

Let the lush Fin Garden and its Qajar and Safavid baths please your eyes and the bride of all traditional Persian homes the Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi Houses create an unforgettable memory for you.

Have a traditional Persian lunch on the carpeted platforms of one of the many exotic restaurants in Kashan.

See workshops where the 2,000-year-old art of zari bafi (weaving with a gold thread) is still thriving.