Iranian food

Today's Persian cuisine of Iran and its neighbors is an oriental-Asian cuisine. There is a lot of emphasis on the taste of the ingredients.

An important part of the Persian cuisine is fragrant rice. Serves a rice dish with sauce prepared using certain vegetable varieties, fruit varieties or nuts, or only with butter, barbecue tomatoes and grilled meat (Kabāb). Saffron and turmeric form an important basis for the seasoning. A sweet and sour taste is obtained by mixing lime (juice), sometimes also orange or pomegranate juice.

Kabāb: Grilled dish, especially meat on skewers, mainly cooked with charcoal and served with a scent of rice. Kabābs are mostly eaten in restaurants (the so-called Cheelo-Kabab or Kshab Kabab), as they can be prepared there best (in the necessary furnaces).

Cheelo Kabāb (with Kabāb-e Barg): Iranian national dish consisting of Kabāb (beef, veal or veal fillet, put in a marinade of onions, garlic, yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and saffron and then grilled in the charcoal oven) And is served with rice.

Kabāb-e Kubide: Kabāb from minced meat and rice

Dschudsche Kabāb (chicken kabāb): chunks of chicken fried in a marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, onions, saffron and salt and roasted in the charcoal oven.

Beryan: This food is cooked from chopped meat (preferably chopped sheep's lobster) in a large spoon placed in an oven. After this, this cooked mince is applied to a piece of lava bread and the bread is folded. This dish is a special dish from the city of Isfahan.


Chorescht-e fesendschān, walnut pomegranate syrup meat sauce with fragrant rice

Chorescht: meat sauce - typical Persian dish in various variations, served with a loose scent of rice. There are many variations of the Choreschs. This type of dish is usually cooked at home and is found in restaurants rather rare. Outside of Iran, however, Choreschs often appear on the menus.

Chorescht-e fesendschān, consisting of ground walnuts, chicken or lamb meat cubes, pomegranate syrup and spices

Chorescht-e Gheime, on the basis of tomato sauce, consisting of lamb or veal meat, yellow lentils, bratzwiebeln, dried limes, fries fries and spices

Chorescht-e Ghorme-Sabsi, one of the most popular Choreschs on the basis of red beans, various herbs and meat cubes

Chorescht-e Karafs, celery peppermint sauce

Chorescht-e Hawidsch, a carrot-chancesch

Chorescht-e Ālu, Mirabelle meat sauce

Kaleh pacheh, stew of mutton heads and claws (similar to the Armenian Chach)